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Every Sleep is a Little Death…

i alie paris

Hot damn, Paris is one of my favourite cities. The Eiffel Tower haunted me at every turn, I traipsed through cemetaries in the snow & blitzed past hollow-eyed skulls whilst discussing relationship dysfunction with one of my favourite peoples, we chilled out surrounded by aging, page-crinkled tomes, sipped café express in street-corner cafés & solved the world’s problems. I tried a hookah pipe & did not speak hardly enough French, lost my train ticket to Madrid & spent a night drinking on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur, took more photos of graffiti than people & went to the loo on a building site. I walked around Paris, linking the districts together, becoming lost & cold & wet & still marvelling at being in the deliciously French town. I ate a lot of bread.

petit pont

sacre coeur


little sparrow

skull wall

tastes like apples

book case

Yeah, but where did Hemingway sit?

More at my Flickr. Next week…Madrid.



Where did Hemingway sit?

daisy kissesmontmartreYeah, but where did Hemingway sit?in grande memoriamin memoriamskullz

Few quick pictures of Paris where we blitzed through the catacombs, tramped through Pere Lachaise in the snow, hit up Hemingway’s old haunts and I got stuck. More on that story, later…