Trashion: Cordoba Style

there's nothing to it

I got to wear sunglasses! This, the 24th, was the first, and only, day of proper nice sun last week.


& this is Lia, who I am staying with, ranting with, eating with, partying with & who reads this blog. See how she’s pretty? (Also, she took the photos of me.)

strike a pose

Yeah, just casually chillin’ out beneath an orange tree in Spain, y’know how it is.

Sunglasses – free from my friend the barman, from the lost property box, but technically Accessorize.
Pashmina – found it in the street. INDISPENSABLE for travelling. Can be used as a scarf, beach towel, shawl (particularly when going into churches), hood, skirt &c&c
Dress – Lollipop…got it at a stall in Bristol, love the pockets and giant buttons.
T-shirt – topshop. Button sleeves!
Jacket – random hippie shop in Brighton


Leg parts…Socks are from h&m, I think, maybe…Shoes from Rocket Dog. They’re like trainers but flats – very good sole on these. Rocket Dog shoes are generally pretty durable and good for walking in.


Lia face. I have no idea where her clothes come from, except for her dress which I gave her, which I bought at a market stall in Broadstairs, Kent, during Folk Week.

Other outfits, other days;

stolen layeringstolen clothes

Skirts – stolen from Lia. Click through for provenance of other clothes, but you’ll be disappointed. I have no idea where half my clothes are from. They’re either gifts, market buys or brandless, or I find them.

Where do you buy/source your clothes from?

That’s the last of the outfit photos for a while. I may well write a How To Pack post soon, but I’m not sure. Meanwhile, this week I’ll be in Barcelona and the next couple of posts are going to be very text heavy and hopefully discussion inducing. Don’t be shy to give me your opinion on anything here. At the end of March I should hopefully have a surprise for y’all as well…



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