Mid-Week Mash Up

Ruth Ishbel Munro is the wife of my friend Lia’s cousin, and an awesome illustrator. She also has a a blog.

Hanging out at Lia’s is pretty bad for me in terms of learning Spanish since tonight we have been mostly watching Buffy, talking about making relationships last & eating stew. Then she goes to bed and I compulsively browse the internet for writing competitions, happily stumbling over awesome and cute things such as…

# Thank you letters to inanimate objects. Sweet!

# Moving Things. It’s…moving.

# Fiona Robyn’s blog. Tempted to maybe read her books now…

# The Ever Changing Kitchen is Lia’s flatmate’s chronicles of their kitchen and the food created thereof. Check her out!

# and if you aren’t reading Danielle LaPorte’s website then just how do you spend your internet time?

The theme tune for Radical Self Love?. If you aren’t a part of that project, I suggest very strongly that you hit it up & get to grips with yourself. And you know how I mean that.

Today I’m going to write and take photos. Wait…that’s every day. Yeah, it’s a hard life. Hasta luego…!



2 responses to “Mid-Week Mash Up

  1. thanks for linking to my story

    it was a kind and noble thing that you did

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