Travelling + fashion = trashion’? (Paris Edition)

COLD Here Lies the Greatest Man Who Ever Live les fleurs

This is what I wore for the five or so days I was in Paris. My Vegetarian boots are the best. ever. I can walk through ice and snow and slush and mud and rivers in these babies. Well, rivers that aren’t more than two inches deep that is. Total life savers and incredibly comfortable. Also, zero animal ingredients.  This, in case you didn’t know, is Oscar Wilde’s grave; totally covered in lipstick kisses and flowers and ‘Oscar, je t’aime!’ and that is me lookin’ shifty.

Hat – h&m, Flower in hat – camden market

Overjacket – Topshop

Underjaket (& the cosiest thing in the world) – some little shop in Brighton

Grey dress – Version Sud (given to me by Bex)

Skirt – Saltwater

Legwarmers (& second cosiest things ever) – topshop

Instead of doing ‘think-y’ posts this week, I’ll be doing outfits, but scheduling thoughtful posts for next week, and maybe some travelogue as well, although twitter does well enough to keep y’all scheduled on where I am now stuck!



2 responses to “Travelling + fashion = trashion’? (Paris Edition)

  1. Those boots do look awesome – love the jacket too! I wish I was in Europe. Even in the snow 🙂

    • Cheers, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with! The snow was cold, but real beautiful. Definitely tankful to be in warmer climes now though!

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