Chaos is often used as a synonym for anarchy; which touchingly goes to show how much faith we have in our current world leaders. Anarchy, from the Greek, means ‘without ruler’ and the obvious result of a leaderless society would be crime, war, human rights violations and terrorism – a world apart from the one we inhabit today.


Everybody would be grasping after power and land, there would be no police to enforce the ‘correct’ way of living and nothing to stop people doing exactly as they wanted – and what everybody always wants is MORE with no thought to the cost of others, right?


To be without a ruler assumes that each and every person in the world has the right to govern their own life.

It follows, therefore, that if you believe that, then you believe that everybody ELSE has the right to govern their own life, and that you have no right to enforce a mode of living onto other people. This also means that nothing you do can impinge on anybody else’s choice of living. So if you want twelve-hundred Mercedes, they are going to be made by people who are happy and fulfilled in making Mercedes, for a price which accurately reflects the time and effort which has gone into making each car.

I have a lot (a LOT) to say on this subject, but for now let’s consider;

There is no need for anybody to have any power. Each and every person in the world has the right to govern their own life.

What do you think?



2 responses to “Chaos/Equality

  1. The free-market, as you have said, is a wonderful thing. But in your wonderful utopia how do you prevent the tragedy of the commons, without some kind of governing body which exerts some kind of power?

    • Does the whole family read my blog?
      What do you mean by ´tragedy of the commons´? Once you define that, I´ll have a go at answering.

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