I Love Lush!


For those of you who haven’t yet discovered Lush, then follow your noses to the scented end of the street because Lush is, well, lush! Selling smellies that anybody would be pleased to find in their stocking, they also go one further than many cosmetic companies; all their products are either vegetarian or vegan and they frequently fund projects which consider the environment (such as Gillingham’s Tipping Point eco-swap-shop) or run petitions about issues such as Fox Hunting. Many of their products don’t come packaged and if you take back five of the little black pots they use for facewash &c, you get a free facemask. They also recently introduced ‘knot-wrapping’, where your purchases come all tied up in a brightly coloured scarf! Oh right, and it all smells really, really good. After a couple of years perusing their goods and making use of the staff’s encyclopedic knowledge of the stock (as well as having an ex who use to work there!), I have hit upon my favourites:

# Karma Bar

As bought for me by the Ex, the relationship might have gone down the plughole, but I still frequently enjoy hit bubbly baths with the comforting scent of karma. It comes as a crumbly orange & pink swirly bar which you break off into runing water. I love the clean, fresh, warming smell so much I also have the karma bar shampoo so I can bury my face in my hair for instant relaxation.

#Karma Hard Shampoo Bar

A little round green block, the hard shampoos are touted as ‘lasting longer than most relationships’. I can’t vouch for that, but they do go on and on and on! The Karma shampoo has the added advantage, for me, of not containing any large bits of plants as some do, so there’s no bits to get stuck in my dreads. (Mmm. Nice thought.) If you buy two hard shampoos, you get a free tin, which is well worth it as they’re a bit of a bugger to store otherwise.

# Olive Branch Shower Gel

I seem to have quite a ‘peace’ themed bathroom, non? Moreso if my housemate’s hadn’t written ‘red rum’ by the shower….Anyhow, the Olive Branch is BRIGHT YELLOW and needs to be given a good shake before use to mix up the oils, so it really gets you going in the morning! Definitely best put on a pouffe (as pictured) so it goes a long long way, plus body scrubbage. All that, plus blasting ‘Wake Up’ and I’m ready to face the day at two in the afternoon.

# Dark Angels Face Wash

Possibly my favourite face wash ever (were I ever to get so bored as to hold a competition). It’s black! Made from charcoal, it’s very gritty and reminds me of my grandma’s coal cellar. I feel like a terrorist (uh, freedom fighter?) when my face is covered in grime that is not grime, although you can end up picking little bits of black out of your hairline all day afterwards. My skin does feel incredibly soft after a good charcoal and sugar scrub though, so I can live with a bit of ‘dandruff’. Dark Angel is also one of the best teevee shows in the world, so maybe it’s all in the name.

In conclusion? Lush = Best. They’re defenders of the environment, sponsors of charities, getter-behinders of activists and you can eat a good 80% of their goods, so that chocolate facemask which just looks down right edible? It is.

What are some of your favourites?



2 responses to “I Love Lush!

  1. I love their face masks best. Also vanishing cream. I have never had such a magical moisturiser! But the best bit is their customer service. It’s clearly very easy to be a happy person if you live off Lush products!

    • Yeah, I love the way their staff really do know everything about the stuff! Although, my ex who used to work there also thought that you could eat any of it, because it’s all natural, and told customers so. Eep!

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