What I did do Wearing

to go sit Thom and Lia eating Cactus

Here’s what I wore to go sit my friends when they decided to experiment with some cactus. (Peruvian Torch, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.)

T-shirt: Emily Strange – ‘Zombies Recycle (Brains)’ New Favourite Thing.
Dress: Bench – found it for £3
Jacket: Living Dead Souls
Tights: Frog – comfiest in the world
Legwarmers – TopShop
Boots – Vegetarian Shoes

Peruvian Cactus is a mild hallucinogenic in the Mescaline family. Almost nothing happened to my friends, except they seemed to lose a little of their social conditioning and said everything that was on their minds, whether it was ‘appropriate’ or not. I’m going to sit for them in the future as well. (I would like to add that I don’t take hallucinogens, nor do I promote the practice, but we’re all grown-ups here and you can do what you like.)



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