All Unicorn Vomit, All The Time


It’s Thursday!

This week I am mostly in rapt adoration over this:


my latest tattoo baby! Inspired by Rage Against the Machine; silence, something about silence makes me sick, silence can be violent sorta like a slit wrist, it has a dual meaning. The first is to SPEAK OUT about issues and then DO SOMETHING and the second is to appreciate silence and solitude and self-reflection. Heather was with me for the inking, and drew the heart for me. It is my favouritest thing this week.

Also on the list are; STENCHMAN – we danced up a storm to dubstep last night and had a really wicked time; travelling travelling travelling – I’m off to Brighton this weekend and I’ve been looking up hostels and language courses (learning Spanish in Madrid, YES!) for my month in Spain, SO EXCITED; alternately, being home and chilling out with the obligatory toasted crumpets and hot ribena; impromptu cookies; listening to Holly and Bex play facebook zoo (“I need a car park, that’s how cool I am.”); the first Circus Society of the year this afternoon; James is back from Thailand tomorrow; e-mailing old friends; feeling like I’m ON TRACK – I sent off my volunteer application for Peru the other day, I’m organising language lessons, I’m eating properly, reading more…things are getting done!; Dylan Moran’s What It Is – a surprise birthday present from Leo!!; the quote “if we publicly declare that that Cuba is a threat to our security, forthy million Mexicans will die laughing” (yay, Chomsky) & finally realising that maybe I should blog about that which I rant about…

I know Ihaven’t been a good blogger as of late, but it seems instead of procrastinating from everything else by blogging, I’ve been procrastinating from blogging by doing everything else! I am an anxious perfectionist at heart though, so once I get over that expect a few more well-rounded articles from these ends. Meanwhile, how’ve your weeks been?



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