I Don’t Give a Fuck About Animal Welfare

cat eats vegan cheese

I don’t give a fuck about animal welfare. Honestly, who really cares how well cows and chickens are treated before they are decapitated, electrocuted, gutted and eaten? How much does it matter that they had a jolly time running around a field if one day they’re going to have their throats slit for the sake of dinner? What is the point in worrying about the welfare of animals when they’re going to end up on a plate or in a take-away box anyway?

Isn’t death the ultimate ‘oops!’ when talking about welfare? Hey, we made sure those homeless people had a warm bed and some hearty soup before we put them back onto the streets…to die. Oops! Hey, at least that molested kid had an afternoon in the park before they died of internal injuries. Oops! Isn’t it great that those chickens got to scratch around in the out of doors (or ride a fucking quad bike?!) while their babies are chucked into grinders and before we slaughter the ones past egg laying age! Oops…

Who can argue for animal welfare? If animals deserve a good quality of life, don’t they also deserve to stay alive? If animals are our property, tools for us to use as we see fit, they why does it matter if animals we are going to slaughter have a ‘good quality of life’ before we remove that life from them? If arguing for animal welfare, when does it become okay to stop providing a good quality of life for an animal and slaughter it instead? What is the time frame on animal welfare?

Here’s some animals being treated like shit, but does it really matter when they’re only going to be eaten anyway?



2 responses to “I Don’t Give a Fuck About Animal Welfare

  1. I totally agree. Well said.

  2. If we treated our pets the way factory farmed animals are treated you would be breaking the law. In other words one law for pets. Another for farm animals.

    You might be interested in my book ON THE MENU:ANIMAL WELFARE (website ame name!) – which tells, for the most part, a horror story, NOT imagined, but something that is happening every moment of every day. It draws attention to the animals on factory farms that never see natural light; or the seasons change; or feel the earth beneath their feet. Incarcerated in vast barns their lives are automated, unnatural, controlled as they are treated as nothing more than any other farm product and become grotesque parodies of their natural selves.

    This book describes the whole production process – from before conception to the way the animals we use for food are presented on the supermarket shelves: the chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; the laying hens, quail and the pheasants reared for sport; the pigs and lambs; the dairy cattle, beef cattle and veal calves; and also the rabbits as well as the fish and shellfish.

    Published by Pen Press and available from Amazon at £8.99; from public libraries in the UK and Ireland; and also Ingrams (in the USA).

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