All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time


It’s Thursday! Time to spread some love. So-o-o, this week I am particularly chuffed about the SNOW. It’s so crisp and white and when I walk along it collects on the edges of my boots like pom-poms on slippers. It’s awesome.

britain,snow,from space
Thanks, NASA.

Today I’m also booking my trains to go to Cambridge for George’s wedding!! and to go to Paris, the start of my travelling month in February. AHH! I love trains, I really do. I love reading on them while the countryside zips past, and knowing that someone or someplace awesome is waiting for me at the other end. Next week I’m headed to Bristol to see my family and Heather, Cambridge for George’s wedding(!!!), then London to take Ruth to the vegan bus. Excited.

I am also very keen on Brooklyn Brownie Cupcakes, gettin’ my swagga back, chocolate, avocado on toasted muffins with salt and pepper (so so good), Lia + Bex + Thom, playing drums on Guitar Hero (addictive), having a massive to-read pile, my tutu, filling in my Creative Corners application form, The Big Bang Theory aaaand filling my life with awesomeness.

Oh, next week I am setting up a whole other place for me to ramble on the internet, so I am excited about that. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite ramblings and musings and beautiful pictures from other people on the internet:

# Is the timing ever right to go travelling?

# Are magazines responsible for your self esteem?

# What happens when we can’t fix our own cars?

# “the more eccentric and colorful the outfit, the more snobby and arrogant the individual”, c’est vrai?

#Come in, Everyone is Here already. Becky Barnicoat makes funny art. I like.

Think critically, kids.

That’s all, folks. I will have an update regarding my weekly goals tomorrow, so tune in if that sort of thing interests you.



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