Happy New Year!


I spent New Year’s Eve dancing and taking way too many photos of my friends’ crotches. Woop! I spent New Year’s Eve Day (yeah) starting a new Moleskine and listing all my achievements of 2009, then turning to everything I would like to achieve in 2010. Oh, and making cupcakes.

i done made cupcakes

I’ve organised my planz for the next year into various themes, each with its own full page and list in my notebook. Then I’ve written a to-do list for each month based on these lists. I feel like really working out every aspect of your hoped for achievements then holds in your mind, whether you review your lists often or not. Also, it prevents stress over trying to work out vague resolutions. Half-way through June you might remember to write that novel, or in January you might sit down once a week to write two thousand words or read up on Victorian toilets.

My personal notebook obviously goes into a lot more detail than I’m going to outline here, but this will be another place for me to come back to at the end of the year. It provides some accountability as well; other people know what I’m trying to achieve!

In 2009 I:

#went vegan
#had a six month relationship which was the best so far, and which I ended (once it went sour.)
#graduated my MA in Creative Writing
#took responsibility for my own emotions and actions (after roughly a decade of being a whiny bitch. A funny whiny bitch, but still.)
#discovered Taoism and anarchy
#re-evaluated my friendship circle
#adjusted my introversion/extroversion balance

crotch shot


I’m renaming 2010 to ‘twenty-zen’. I’ve always struggled with anger and tantrums, so my overall theme for 2010 is going to be calm. There is nothing wrong with anger, but tantrums and self-harm aren’t positive for anybody so I’m going to throw more deep breathing into my life mix and analyse those events which make me act like that. Can I change them? How?

I’ve split the rest of my plans into six themes: learnings; adventures; organisation; inspiration; environmental and emotional.


#learn Spanish
-I’m currently working through the Rosetta Stone discs (thanks, lil bro) and have plans to go to Spain soon.

-Choosing a philosopher every couple of months, reading an article a week and book a month either by them or about them.

#Climate Change
-Seek out articles, books, people, groups and information concerning this. I don’t have a time frame on this one, but I hope to be an active participant in activism by the Summer.

#Howl, by Ginsberg
– To memorise this by the end of the year. Three lines a week should do it.


-Book trains and hostels.
-Flick through guidebooks/ask people who’ve been there what to do and see.
-Go. (Hopefully in February.)

#South America
-Learn Spanish (see above)
-Fill in volunteer application form from Creative Corners
-Get accepted!
-Book plane(s)
-Plan rough itinerary.

#Other Places
-Take every opportunity to travel the country
-Get Young Person’s Railcard

Inspiration: Personal

-Read 100 books this year; roughly two books per week.
-Get Dodgem Logic and New Internationalist whenever possible
-Clear RSS reader backlog every Sunday
-find a new blog/website every week which is informative or inspirational

-Take camera everywhere!
-Learn to use my camera properly
-Note progression with technique, style, content (I’ll possibly be starting a new blog with this in mind)
-Seek out photographers; what makes a photo I like? Implement the results.
-Review progress in March

-Give self time to draw, paint, mess around
-Experiment with different mediums

-two thousand words per week on Reginald my MA dissertation cum novel.
-send first chapter + cover letter to publishers by April
-research likely list of publishers
-two short stories a month (no length minimum)
-one hour a week for freeform poetry or prose
-organise a folder/notebook for works and ideas


-Set up new websites: 1) by mid-Jan 2) by early March
-Write two articles a week; post one.
-Be honest and consistent.
-Write a ‘proper’ About Me page
-Learn html/find a web-designer who will work for cupcakes
-Search for contributors
-Organise adverts, affiliates and products (all ethical, etc.)
-produce PDF magazine ‘Throwaway Literature’ again, quarterly.
-Write for other blogs/magazines/’zines
-check Inspired Times (etc) submission policy + come up with suitable articles; have something published in print by the end of the year.

-find like-minded people to work with
-volunteer for Amnesty/Greenpeace; research and apply for places in March
-organise bake sales, talks, workshops about environmental living


#stay vegan
-work out meals according to nutritional needs, particularly when I’m low on iron.
-check out new recipes; one or two per month
-keep avoiding meat and dairy…

#reduce consumption
-buy less/buy more durable items
-use less water
-use less electricity
-take more eco-friendly transport; trains not coaches

#learn more ways to have less impact on the planet

#learn more ways to be a positive impact on the planet (see above)


#be calmer
-breathing exercises

#be happier
-be conscious of happiness and joy; repeat!

#make new friends
-joining groups, forums, blogs, etc

#strengthen current friendships
-actively work to make current friends feel appreciated


-keep track of cash flow in budget book
-assign reasonable food shop budget
-(see: consume less)

#Documenting Life
-take camera everywhere
-write journal every other day at least
-keep diary up to date with events and emotional epiphanies
-make art based around events

so this is how i look when i dance
(This is how I look when I do dancing.)

Happy two thousand and zen, then! All my New Year’s photos will be up on Monday, and things may be quite around here until mid-January as I’m working out setting up a website which is not wordpress.com. I’ll let you know as soon as it comes to fruition!



5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. I’m so pumped for you! Your list of what you’d like to achieve in 2010 is well impressive. I committed to taking my camera everywhere in 2009 and am so stoked with all the stuff I was able to capture. I also love your commitment to learning more about climate change. If you want somewhere to start, Al Gore’s books are an obvious but good starting point. I really like the work that Nicholas Stern has done too, he has researched the economics – you can download his podcasts on the LSE website if you’re interested (they are well worth a listen). I have also written a few bits and pieces on one of my blogs (tresviva.com) and I read the Guardians (guardian.co.uk) environment section everyday. If you have the opportunity to attend a climate camp, definately give it a go, you can learn so much in a few days. & if you want someone to discuss it all with, feel free to shoot me an email, I’m always keen to hear ideas and thoughts and enviro stuff 🙂 Goodluck with all your pursuits (especially learning spanish! hola!)

    ps: If you need some tips on how to do your about me page, I found Darren Rowses advice pretty useful (succinct, but useful): http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/11/24/how-to-write-your-about-me-page/

    • Hey chica! Thanks! Yeah, it looks a like a lot, huh :S So far with climate change I’ve been focusing on the meat and dairy aspect and going from Friend’s of the Earth and Greenpeace info, as well as RAN, and now I seem to have plateaued…Will definitely be checking out those lectures. Ha, I can’t read newspapers anymore, I spent two hours once scrolling through the comments on ONE environmental article in the Guardian getting more and more frustrated with people’s attitudes! Grr, argh. I would love to do a climate camp, or even just a protest. I’m hoping to find (or start!) some active environmental education groups down here in Kent, so we shall see how that goes. What are your plans for 2010?

  2. Holy shit that is an amazing list! Are you by any chance a virgo???

    • Aahh, not at all, I’m a Sagittarius, so I do do the travelling thing. I’m not sure why I’m so mad about lists, but they do clear the mind some 🙂

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