I don’t give a fuck about Climate Change

fuck you

What with COP15 and rising water levels, there’s an awful lot of talk about Climate Change at the moment. People are arguing all over the blogosphere, and in real life too!, about whether it exists or not and if it does, whether it is due to anthropogenic forcing – that is, us, the pitiful human. These arguments tend to be circular in nature, with the deniers denying and the believers arguing ever harder. Here’s a list of arguments from The New Scientist contradicting the article published in The Daily Express about ‘Why Climate Change is natural.’ For some, it’s like arguing for the existence of God; there’s evidence on both sides and a rational argument isn’t going to convince either.

Now, I don’t give a fuck about Climate Change. I am not a climatologist, and am not nearly expert enough to deduce for myself whether humans are capable of heating up our tiny little planet. Arguing about whether it exists or not is pointless.

What is evident, what we do know as FACT, is that the Earth has finite resources. We know that it takes many, many years for oil to be created by great pressures within the earth. We know that it takes many years for trees to grow to the size they are within the Amazon basin. We know that breathing in car exhaust is a popular way to commit suicide and we know that the lifestyles we are currently thriving on will not last forever.

There are many, many people out there who argue against the existence of Climate Change as a reason not to Change their personal Climate, that is, their lifestyle. They just want to go to work, raise their kids, volunteer at a charity shop, pop to the Canaries and go ‘aww’ over the baby seals on Life without some eco-avenger getting in their face about carbon footprints and emissions taxes.

Bollocks to that. It doesn’t matter if Climate Change is due to us and our cars, teevees, heating or the agricultural industry or not. The temperature has always risen and fallen on earth – once England had hyenas living in caves, once England was covered in a glacier.

However, there is a lot which is is obviously, provably and evidently caused by our quest for oil, our quest for more meat, our quest for more in general. Cattle ranches in Brazil are deforesting on a massive scale so that we can have beef for dinner. Ecuador has been devastated by the oil industry; a combination of deforestation and contamination causing scenes likes this.
(That’s an oil pit, by the way.)

Invisible gas floating up to the sky to form an invisible barrier through which sunlight cannot escape back into space which then causes the earth to heat up a degree…versus the sight of the Amazon, you know the place – the lungs of the planet? – covered in cattle and sludge. I know which issue is going to put me off my dinner and make me think twice about calling a taxi after the pub.

I don’t give a fuck about climate change, but I am all too aware that the lifestyle we have chosen to live is not sustainable and is already, and has been for a long time now, fucking up the planet we could so easily have kept beautiful.



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