‘Colliding ideas to see what happens.’

Borders is closing down! I went mad in the magazine department department (an homage to which has been written by Susie Bubble, and quite rightly) because there are some magazines you can only get in Borders. One such magazine I came across was the first issue of Dodgem Logic, a black and white church tower falling into the sea and the words ‘Colliding Ideas To See What Happens.’ catching my eye (as well as Blown, which I haven’t had the chance to read yet, and Mute, a journal of Culture and Politics after the net.)

Back to Dodgem Logic! It is one of the most absolutely fantastic magazines I have ever had the chance to sweep up in a mad haze of consumerist fear. Interesting, incisive and insightful, Dodgem Logic provides analysis of today’s culture, rather than mindlessly applauding it (or giving sex tips) and generally encourages people to change the world. Perhaps. It’s hard to be sure…Still, we need more literature like this; thought provoking articles which address issues not usually touched upon by national media, such as guerilla gardening and the decline in originality of the music industry (and very rarely covered via the medium of doodles). Each article is personal, passionate and fully geared to inspiring critical thinking, be it about twitter or feminism. (It certainly made me reconsider the view that only twits twitter…).
Every page is a visual treat, especially the comic strips like Snotto the Clown and Josie Long’s love life – a.k.a ‘Why you shouldn’t follow prescription advice from strangers on night buses’ and the whole thing is presided over by Alan Moore. Alan Moore, 80’s icon and boss of you, that is. (Or Alan Fucking Moore, as I like to refer to him.)

the eco chamber 1

the eco chamber 2
(click through for readability)

This here article is entitled ‘The Eco Chamber’ as you can see, and concerns a couple who attempt to live without money for a time, charting their adventures and mishaps via skip diving and foraging. If you think going vegan or turning the heating off once in a while is extreme, this is a must read.

If Neil Armstrong were interesting

‘If Neil Armstrong were Interesting’ is one of the funniest things I have read lately, especially in a world where tagging ‘your mum’ on the end of sentences is seen as great wit. If your jokes were more interesting they would attend a press conference wearing a hat made of a human pelvis fringed with the shrunken ears of their victims.

If you can’t find it in a closing down bookshop near you, then I suggest you demand they start stocking it. Alternatively, ask the nice people at the website if they’ll send you a copy. Otherwise, start something similar yourself. Doodling semi-coherently about social change can’t be that hard. Can it?



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