Rage Against the Sublime

I went home last weekend for First Christmas and got a new MP3 player, woo! My old one lasted for three or four years but finally went belly up, so I treated myself with my ‘Christmas’ money, then stole a load of my dad’s music. Apparently he used to listen to Thin Lizzy when he was my age!
This song may well be my new pick me up when I am feeling uninspired, demotivated or like the whole world is against me because you can do anything you wanna do!. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

In a departure from the land of music videos, I’ve been perusing TED.org this dreary Friday evening and discovered some other new favourite people:

Mallika Sarabhai talks about using art to promote cultural, societal and political change, and dances!

Rob Hopkins talks about transitioning to a world without oil, and makes it all sound rather fun. He also has a blog about transition culture over here, which I suggest you check out if you’re serious about environmentalism.

(I have a complete inability to embed the videos, but they’re well worth the effort of clicking through.)

Have a good weekend!



2 responses to “Rage Against the Sublime

  1. Oh, this song is awesome! 😀 Thanks for sharing, I’m sure I’ve heard it before as it sounds massively familiar, but it was excellent to hear nonetheless.

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