Mid-Week Mash Up

Corinne Stoll plays with fire.

# There is an Ice Bear in Trafalgar Square! I’m going up next week, hopefully, and will get to pat him for myself.

# How to Improve Your Reality.

# Gingerbread Houses designed by architects!

# I linked to this in my ‘gift guide’, but here’s a second opinion on goats for Christmas.

# This is pretty, and it changes all the time!

# Two of my favourite things – tattoos and environmentalism. There is an interview with an Inkee here.

# Why we do what we do. The title of this post just gets me singing ‘how we doo, why we doo’. Which may or may not be the actual Soulja Boy lyrics. And the content of this post makes me go, oooh, I do things I don’t really care about doing…

# Gingerbread muffins from The PPK. I’m having a CupCake Extravanganza for my birthday and I cannot wait to try these!

# Who I am vs. What I Do. Remember Tyler Durden’s words: You Are Not Your Job.

# Awesome wall stickers live at Hu2, and you can Save an Animal!. (A late addition to my gift guide, methinks.)

Since I mentioned it, this is Soulja Boy sung by Bambi and friends. I dare you not to laugh!

Alright, I’m off to bed because I am so very tired. Night!



2 responses to “Mid-Week Mash Up

  1. I think the Collage is gonna be my next fav thing. Thank you for sharing!

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