Rage Against the Sublime

I got my swagga back! The past couple of weeks I’ve been going to the dubstep, drumandbass, night at a local club and this is played frequently. Definitely a good one to really throw shapes to. Yeah, throw shapes…

And this, THIS!, is Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac. I have had the opportunity to miss these guys TWICE in two consecutive years. I think I was in a porta-loo once, and watching another band the second time. Oooh well. Scroobius Pip has walked past me twice though, so I have seen him, technically. Just not actually performing. So, he’s a British spoken word poet who got together with Dan Le Sac to produce wikkid tracks with a social commentary. You might have heard Thou Shalt Always Kill or Letter from God to Man and if you haven’t, I suggest you check them out.



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