Mid-Week Mash Up

hot chocolate

It’s December! When did that happen? Time to get down to some serious hibernation and procrastination, methinks.

# Liz cottoned me onto this: Space Weather! Learn about moondogs and when to fear for your life:

On December 2, 2009 there were 1084 potentially hazardous asteroids.

# Mausumi is a new addition to my Google Reader, and has just begun an Advent Calendar featuring a different blogger everyday as ‘a morning gift…to make the waiting for Christmas go faster’!

# More space stuff; smash galaxies together at Galaxy Zoo.

# How Funny Money Trashes the Planet from Frugally Green. Money is imaginary, and never let anyone tell you otherwise!

# I’m constantly amazed at how many people are happy to bum around watching teevee instead of living. Zen Habits has a short but powerful guide to finding your passion right here! Go, do, be, create, etc, etc!

# Ever wondered where faeries sleep in the Winter? Now you know.

# Through researching my next tattoo I stumbled upon this here Flickr set pertaining to Clockpunk!. Beautiful, shiny, cogs and wheels and gears…

# The Laboratory Of Insurrectionary Imagination does do experiments and essays. I like 13 attitudes; about permaculture and our relationship to nature. They’re also gearing up for some activism at the Coppenhagen Climate Council:

# 100after10 is a project by Latvian photographer Arturs Kondrats, taking pictures of 100 young people now and then in ten years time. Well worth a peruse.

ALRIGHT. That should just about do it this miserable Winter afternoon. How’ve you all been procrastinating this week?



2 responses to “Mid-Week Mash Up

  1. Thank you for mentioning me! 🙂

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