Mid-Week Mash Up

Steve Powers (via Meighan)

# I think yes.

This is an open experiment.
A putting in words of what is already in the air.
The more this declaration is being read, thought or spoken out, the more its energy will manifest in our world and in our society.
If what is written here resonates with you, make it your statement.
Find ways to read it, share it and put it into action.

# Focus on Food from The Society For Curious Thought.

# Emily Strange goes organic and I want this one. Zombies recycle!

# Seven Ways to Kill an Idea

# I usually skim over Stepcase Lifehack articles in my feed, but this one about Taking the Long View is pretty damn inspirational if you feel like you’re not achieving or changing anything with what you do.

Creepy/beautiful sculpture from Kris Kuksi

# Beware of The Decapitator!

#More Parisien street art.

#The Difference between Fake Growth and Authentic Growth really hit home for me.

# There’s always enough time to help the animals!. Reading the cvs of geniuses is, in equal parts, inspiring and demoralising!

# Treehouse! TREEHOUSE!. The Swiss fmaily Robinson ride/walk at Disneyland was always my favourite. Treehouse!

What have you all been inspired by lately?


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