Rage Against the Sublime

Music that’s been on my mind this week, aside from Belle and Sebastian’s, Sukie in the Graveyard, is Regina Spektor’s Machine – hauntingly melodic and stuck in my head. I like the mechanics of this, the repetitive chorus reminiscent of a machine at work and the gripping piano intro.

The most annoying part of music for me is that I can never remember more than two lines of any song (except for Santeria by Sublime, and Passchendale by Good Books) so I’ve been wandering around singing hooked into machine over and over again until I piss even myself off.



2 responses to “Rage Against the Sublime

  1. I’ve just posted regina spektor as well:)

    • I think my favourite of hers is Hotel Song, but that’s because I only have that and her new album! I might go on the hunt for more… 🙂

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