Tasting the Heart of Darkness


Since rocking the dairy-free lifestyle, I’ve had spare pennies from not buying random impulse chocolate to invest in the really good stuff, and I thought I’d share a little of my dark chocolate adventuring with y’all.

moooore chocolate

First up, Tohi : These guys are Belgian, Fairtrade, organic and all about the sustainable forestry. I tried their 74% Cacao, which was pleasantly creamy but a little too sweet for my tastes. If you’re looking for vegan chocolate which isn’t too bitter, this is probably the bar for you.

The Chocolate Society: Not particularly ethical (I don’t mean that they’re not, just it’s not mentioned prominently on their website if they are) but their Good Evening 70% bar is the shit. Oh. Gosh. I had a square of this, then got into a hot bath and I could feel my dopamine levels rising. I swear I was high after a couple of squares of this.

Montezumas: Ethical chocolate of the non-slavery kind (as mentioned in the Ethical Consumer, this month) as well as looking after the environment, trading fairly and providing damn good chocolate. I love their standard 73% dark, and it’s slightly cheaper than The Chocolate Society, plus comes with all the good for the planet jazz that I so adore. My housemates got some of the chilli and loved it. I would eat Montezumas every day for the rest of the my life, and OH! They have an Advent Calendar. Mine…

Plamil: are basically amazing. Their factory in Folkestone (down the road from me) is run on 100% renewable energy, their factory is vegan and they scored top in Ethical Consumer’s expose on the chocolate industry this month for fairly trading. Oh yeah, and they do 87% dark chocolate. 87% is like…wow. One tiny little square makes my brain light up like Christmas morning and a whole bar just…gosh. It’s hardly bitter though, as with all dark chocolate, you have to hold it in your mouth a little for it to melt smoothly and let the delicious darkness melt over your tongue…This is my favourite chocolate ever. Word.

Conscious Chocolate: I sourced a bar of this from the London Vegan Festival, not realising my local wholefoods stored carried them. Anyway. A couple of the main ingredients in this brand are carob and coconut oil. Now, I’m allergic to coconut and carob is…not chocolate. So I wasn’t overly impressed with this chocolate. It doesn’t melt the way chocolate ought and is also oddly grainy whilst smooth…not a thumbs up. It is raw though, made locally and totally vegan. Just not my cup of tea.

Divine: A Fairtrade brand which used to be fairly cheap (88p for 100g) but has recently increased in price while not tasting quite luxurious enough for the price. If I was low on pennies and desperate for a dark chocolate fix, I’d probably grab a bar of this, though I’m more likely to save up for a real bitter hit. I’m just all about the darkness lately…Another bar for someone who wants to eschew dairy but isn’t ready for the bitter bite.

Chokolit: Found in Sainsburys, they didn’t have the full range, so the only dark chocolate was the Hint of Orange avec orangutan. Yep, from each bar, money goes to the animal featured on the packet. I don’t really like flavoured chocolate, so take that into account when I say I wasn’t over the moon for this chocolate. Still, if you do like it, they give money to animals! And the packaging is cool. Pick a flavour and/or animal support and munch away.

Go forth, and devour the ethical, bitter goodness…



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