A is for self-governance

rooted angel

I’ve been reading about anarchy lately, and the state of our governments (British and American) and how we perceive power and who should have it. It seems that we have absolutely no problem with handing over our personal and political power to people whom we have never met and who we know lie to us about their intentions. It’s nothing new to suggest that power corrupts. People’s current attitude to that maxim seems to be to accept it…We will put people in power, they will become corrupt and attempt to line their pockets and those of their friends but in the meantime, they will act in our best interests as well, because that is what we elected them to do. Surely, they wouldn’t do anything too heinous while people had something to say about it? You know, like, the war?

Power, the pursuit and love of, come from fear. It comes from trying to keep other people down just in case they…steal your stuff, or come to have the same level of power as you, and then where would we all be? What is everyone DID have the same amount of power? Wouldn’t that be…uh, great?

I’ve spoken with some friends recently about how we should all have the exact same rights, how everybody should respect each other purely as equals, in spite of wealth, intelligence and ‘power’ and how the world would be a better place if we all got along, you know? And I’ve encountered that fear. People who I thought were fairly intelligent and free-thinking still recoil at the idea that everybody should have equality.

We still believe that we need a government to control us, we have fear of our neighbours, of ‘foreigners’, or people who we haven’t met, to such an extent that we don’t believe they are capable of governing themselves without wanting what we have. If there is a government in place then bad people will get punished, my property will be protected, hospitals will run properly and people will live morally correct lives…exactly as is happening in the world today…right?

How much do you trust yourself to run your life? How much do you think other people trust themselves to run their lives?

Fear of anarchy, of respecting everybody’s right to self-governance, is extreme in itself. It is highly unlikely we will achieve a state of pure anarchy tomorrow. In the meantime, we can work towards that by respecting other people’s right to live their life, because if everybody did this, then we would truly live in a global community. Anarchy is pure community, living for others then yourself just as everybody else would be living for others and then themselves, and their ‘others’ would mean you. Taking ANY steps towards that could only be positive, no matter what people think would happen once everybody was self-governing.

The system which we have at the moment clearly does not work. Sure, we all have our warm beds and running water, but what about everybody else? How much do you do each day for other people, people who you have never met? How much fear is there in the world of other countries, even other counties?

I haven’t met anybody who hasn’t agreed that they shouldn’t be capable of self-governance, but they quickly recoil, as I said, when faced with the idea that EVERYBODY should be capable of this.

As soon as you allow somebody else to be subjugated for whatever reason, that gives other people the right to subjugate you for whatever reason they deem worthy. Less money, less intelligence, different colour, different eating habits, different language, different different different. Why do we fear difference?

Why do we fear difference? Why do we believe that someone in government, who we’ve never met, acts in our interest more than our neighbour or community would? Why do we continute accepting ‘traditional’ roles of government even when it’s clear that democracy; the rule of the people, no longer means that?

This change isn’t going to trickle down from the higher levels of government – they don’t want to give up their power – it’s going to start from the bottom, from us acting as though we control our lives, from us not buying into the fear they propagate, from us forming communities based around mutual needs and providing for each other, without fearing that others will take what we have from us.

Skillsharing, taking yourself off the grid, growing your own veg, darning socks, not buying to excess, not doing anything to excess, living with, and loving, what you have instead of wanting more, not believing in those adverts, not watching teevee, staying away from the news, getting to know people and know their people and love them whether you like them or not, taking positive action, talking positively about action, enjoying life instead of living in fear, playing instead of working, learning from others, not making judgements until you know all the facts, changing slowly, bit by bit, the way we react and respond to strangers, smiling more – and meaning it, doing something when you discover injustice, going out in the world and not being afraid, giving without expecting to recieve, not being afraid of losing, not thinking of the world in terms of winning or losing – just being.

If you like, for the next week, watch adverts and read the news with a critical eye. How much fear are they trying to instill in you? What thought patterns are they trying to put into your mind? Are these healthy? Do they make you happy, or worried, or afraid? Do they make you angry? Do you feel helpless?

I usually eschew the news and teevee, but I might make an effort to watch more this week and chart how frustrated I end up feeling during adverts!

Next week, we’ll see what we can do to make that different.



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