As for activism…

explosions in the sky

As for activism, that’s just elementary. There is an enormous amount of human suffering and misery, which can be alleviated and overcome. There is oppression that shouldn’t exist. There is a struggle for freedom all the time. There are very serious dangers: the species may be heading towards extinction. I can’t see how anybody can fail to have an interest in trying to help people become more engaged in thinking about these problems and doing something about them.

Democracy and Education
Noam Chomsky, Imperial Ambition

So, let’s go.



2 responses to “As for activism…

  1. This is a great quote. Activism is truly the only way to solve our problems. The political scene is evolving, and grassroots activism is replacing expensive steak dinners. The individual now has a voice. Keep fighting!

    • I love the way he’s so succinct. ‘This shouldn’t be happening. I’m doing something about it.’
      I think the individual has always had a voice; it’s getting people to realise that way they say and do DOES matter.

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