Make a Change

From keri smith

So many people grumble through their daily lives,making themselves feel as though they have no control over what they do. Have to get up, have to go to work, school, lectures. People hand over their decisions to other people, and then promptly complain about it.

But we do have a choice, and we have made it. When we grudgingly pry our bodies from our warm cosy beds and pull on our uniform, we’ve made the choice to go to work. When we leave our friends at the bar, we’ve made the choice to go to lectures.

We know that really, we do want to.

Because otherwise, we wouldn’t.

We don’t have to do those things. Is there really some giant hand in the sky pointing out tasks for us to achieve despite how miserable they make us? So there are bosses and lecturers and parents, but you can choose to ignore them too. Or choose to never be in a situation where they have any say over what you do.

Work for yourself. Study at home. Travel. Ignore your parents’ advice. Ignore everybody’s advice!

If you really are truly miserable in what you do, change it.

If you haven’t got the motivation to change it, then stop complaining about what a terrible situation you’re in.

My old housemate used to come home from work during her breaks and complain about how they had made her stay half an hour longer than she was scheduled. When I suggested that that she leave anyway, and tell them if they wanted her for longer they would have to put that on the rota, she would backtrack and say that she didn’t mind really and talk about the money. (This post is inpsired by her.) The anecdote has a happy ending though, eventually she realised that she was unhappy and went part-time, started looking for a job she would enjoy and now works at Waterstones part-time too.

If you’re going to do something, do it! If it’s really too terrible to contemplate, change it.


ps. I’ve focused on work and uni and other things we grumble about but aren’t really that bad here. If any of you has a situation which you absolutely cannot accept and absolutely cannot change, I’d like to hear about it.


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