Rage Against the Sublime

Something a little different for the music on my mind this week.

I reinstalled a radio in my bedroom today, finally! I have been without music for a long time. Anyway. I was listening to Annie Mac’s show on Radio 1 and heard the words ‘remix of Ellie Goulding’s Under the Sheets‘…and went, ‘wuh!’

Here’s the unremixed version, and the reason I went ‘wuh!’ is because I interviewed this girl for CSR fm (my student radio station) a good couple of years ago. She had won Keynestock – our University battle of the bands and so we grabbed her for interview on The Live Local (local music for local people). She went on to perform at Lounge on the Farm and Electric Gardens where I saw her, and other venues around Kent.

I didn’t keep up with her career and I honestly can’t say why! I loved and adored her voice and music, and especially her self-deprecatory remarks – when she introduced a new song at Lounge and people cheered she said ‘Don’t, it’s crap.’ It really wasn’t. Now she’s been on Jools Holland, is touring with Little Boots and supporting Florence and the Machine through November and December and has an album out next year!

People are comparing her to Florence and the Machine, La Roux and Pixie Lott (?) but she really does have a unique style and voice. If you like those guys, you will LOVE her. Her welsh accent especially shines through when she sings and gives her voice that added tremor which makes it so different. Her lyrics are thoughtful and ethereal; in our house made of paper, your words all over me – and she really can play the guitar.

I’m definitely going to try to a) see her and b) interview her so watch this space and find out how that turns out!



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