L’Ile de Beauté

Sunset over the BaySaint Florent Bay

It occured to me the other day, that I never posted the pictures of Corsica that I promised! Brief history lesson: Corsica is a tiny island in the Med which has been fought over by many a general and is currently French, with Italian heritage. It’s famous partly for being the birthplace of Napoleon, and partly for being so damn beautiful.

RocksSaint Florent Beach

We stayed in Saint Florent, which is to the north of the island, and journeyed around the ‘nubbin’ (as I liked to call it) a couple of times.

housesSaint Florent harbour

netsSaint Florent Harbour
churchSan Michele Church, Murato
NickMy Step-Dad

Me, my brother and my step-dad are all big on the camera thing, so there are a few photos of us taking photos of him taking photos of us taking photos of each other…

Mountain RiverThe Gorge
Matt studyingMy brother, pretending to read.
Doorsteps of CorsicaDoor-steps of Corsica
Ice-creamMy step-brother, about to devour ice-cream.
La TourLa Tour, Nonza
Old PortOld Port, Bastia
windows and hillsBastia
balconyI would like to live on this balcony…
FlagsLa Corse at La France

More pictures are over at my flickr, as per bloody usual. If you want any more information on where a photo was taken, I will trawl my memory banks and diary for you. I really should start writing the locations of my photos. A more in-depth, though food related piece, on Corsica can be found at Travelling Vegan.



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