Further Adventures in Procrastination

roof medley

Hai guys,

Hopefully I’m going to be too busy to do much posting this weekend, and on Monday I have an interview with Waterstones – where I’ve wanted to work since I could walk and read – so here are links to things which have floated my boat over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

# Really beautiful photos of pollution in China.

# Graffiti made from mud

# This guy here writes about being Frugally Green, and he wants his readers to suggest his next big lifestyle change. So if you want to learn about a particular action without doing it yourself just yet, tell him!

# Real People Do the Catwalk from Amelia’s Magazine.

“It is about not creating an elite world where no one else can join in,” Explained Elaine. “So many people want a chance, but know that because they are five foot tall, or a size 14-16, they never will have.” The models featured within the show ranged from a 6’1” Drag Artiste to a 5’4” male; dress sizes 8 to 20 and ages between 25 to 60+.

# One Man, One Cup. (It’s eco-friendly.)

# Willful Human Ignorance.

# Your House. It’s a house in a book, and it’s awesome.

# Dirty Doodles by Dr. Lakra, a Mexican tattoo artist.

# On Black and White Thoughts from Postively Present.

# A brief history of Diana Di Prima, beat poet.

# Artwork from Mars

# Be more like children.

# Cake. Beautyful cake..

Laurie Simmons

# A quick word on Rainforests vs Agribusiness.

# A slightly longer, but well worth reading word on livestock versus global warming.

From Vitostreet.

Bonne Weekend, Au revoir!



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