All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time

Concrete Mushrooms @ Inhabitat

I do always find it hard to do this list, which is the main reason I do do it. I don’t hold onto joy very well. Once the event, occasion or person has passed, then I reset back into neutral. I often forget the things that have made me happy during the week, so I really have to force myself to remember things I might be loving right now. Sometimes I feel better afterwards, and sometimes I reset right back into neutral. A lot of the things I love stay the same from week to week! I am trying to learn to be a happier, more positive person and I can see how writing a weekly love list might promote that. I’m just not sure if writing this means that I re-feel the joy I felt during the week. If something causes me mad amounts of joy on it’s own (like Snoopers Paradise, or Oreos and hot chocolate, or going to Brighton in general) then does it matter if I relive that a couple of days later via this list?

How do you all feel about the ‘TiLT’ phenomenon?

skellington typist

Having said that, here are some things I’m loving today; Au Revoir Simone – a band I like who haven’t split up yet!; finally pronouncing ‘mujeres’ correctly; Andrew O’Neil’s answers for my interview; Mario Party 8 and the damn tuna; planning to make double chocolate cheesecake on Sunday in honour of Stephen’s return; “It seems odd, at first, that Wells should want to write a Victorian pastiche”- from the comments on my dissertation; hanging out and chatting with Ed for hours after not seeing him properly for moooonths, and the same for James; oreos and hot chocolate!; my library and the books within it. Today I saw the British Parliamentary Papers concering Venereal Disease. A gripping read!


PS. I can’t decide whether this should be here or in Rage Against the Sublime tomorrow. But, but, but I love it and it brings me joy, so here you go! (Bad language ahead, mind.)


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