Brighton Up Your Day!

the pier

This past weekend I headed down to Brighton to meet up with some PPKers, explore and eat as much tasty vegan food as possible. I’m going to post an in-depth food review over on Travelling Vegan soon (because getting the train to Brighton counts as travelling!) but meanwhile, here are some photos from the day.

all dinner
We started the day with roast dinner at the George, Pieta and I had pie and the rest had chicken burgers.

My Pie! Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash with all the trimmings.

After lunch we went shopping, searched for cake, found vegan oreos and Snoopers Paradise, a junk shop within which one is not allowed to take unauthorised photos. So here’s some unauthorised photos for y’all.

skellington typist


womble junk

la circulation sanguine

forking hell

bird cages

Junk like you’ve never seen before! I spent a good long while in the books section, eventually not choosing anything as we moved on in our search for cake.

infinity cake

hot chocolate oreo + cheesecake

This is a vegan Oreo dipped in soy hot chocolate. Um. Heavenly.

the ppkake

All of us PPK(ake) on the beach. From left to right is Kip’s husband and Kip, then Jojo of the wonderful pink hair, next to Sal, who has some great photos of the chicken burger from the George, and lastly Pieta who will probably steal and use my photos to update her blog. Oh yeah, I’m on the end, lookin’ chilly.

let's get married

enter at your own risk

the end of the pier

Pieta forced us to go on the ghost train, which was rubbish! (although I did jump at one point), and to go to the end of the Pier, even though it was freeeezing. After that, we were all really cold and decided to go home, but not without first stopping to use Jojo’s loo and for me to snap some graffiti.

graff house

More Brighton adventure photos are here, and more information on the food (and my dark chocolate haul) will be over at Travelling Vegan soon.



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