All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time

Tan Tan Bo Puking by Takashi Murakami

This week I mostly loving: hot baths while burning incense; finding books on Alien Sex in my library; the film Up! – everyone with me at the cinema cried. like babies.; ‘I hid under your porch because I love you’; telling someone the complete truth, even though you think it makes you sound like a stalker, and having them completely understand and not judge; Stephen is coming home next week!; finally working out my priorities; starting learning Spanish; having a working toaster (oh, crumpets); planning to go to Brighton this weekend to see my good friend James and also some internet vegans; potentially writing a blog for a local business and for the campus garden!; my wonderful job; double chocolate chip cookies with friends and Scrabble; dimly lit pubs on Autumn evenings; hot Ribena; spinning fire poi for the first time in a long time; having the ability to research whatever I want to at my fingertips; making a conscious effort to learn more about the issues I, apparently, support & stumbling across beautiful, crazy, ‘trippy’ artwork!

et toi?



2 responses to “All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time

  1. Books on alien sex?! Hahaha. Oh hot baths that sounds so good right now. If I wasn’t at work :-S


    • I have to admit, it was about sexualisation in the theatre, but wandering past the stacks and seeing ‘Alien Sex’ out of the corner of your eye is disconcerting…
      mm, hot baths, incense, dark chocolate = good times.

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