Rage Against the Sublime

Lyrics that have been repeating in my head this week:

Passhendaele – Good Books

Son fell from a Spitfire in 1944/Daddy, what did you do in the Great War?/ And what we did learn the second time round?/ Never again, never again, no.

This is the only song I know all the words to, because there are not so many words. It’s about the world wars and their futility. I just checked Good Books’ myspace, and it appears they are split up. I almost never look into bands I like, so these things always come as a shock to me. Gah! They were supposed to have another album out this year…I will just have to find a new favourite band who sing songs about lesbians, world wars and enjoying despair. (Follow the link and check out EVERY ONE of their songs. They are all wonderful.)

Wet BlanketMetric

Falling for the creep/ the body leech/ here he comes
Vicious hypnosis,/ a clenched fist saying it’s wrong
To want more than a folk song

Usually I only remember a couple of phrases of songs and sing them over and over again. Apparently where I’ve been singing vegetarian, single mom, it’s actually vegetariate sing-along. But you can see where that could be confusing. I love this song, and most other Metric songs. But this is the one that’s been in my head this week.



One response to “Rage Against the Sublime

  1. I love love love that song. ❤

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