All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time

This week, this week, I love;


#My family. C’est ma mere et ma frere and we all look uncannily alike. Well, I suppose it’s not that uncanny, since we are quite closely related. They both annoyed me quite a lot last week, commenting every time I touched cheese(!) but I love them. I just don’t know why…

stew,cookingcooking,chocolate,crispy cakse

#Food. I like food. Have I ever mentioned before how I like food? Especially stew and crispy cakes. This is what I live on. (Don’t take that as a commentary on the vegan diet, I live on these because they’re fucking delicious. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you some.)


#My new hair colour! I just got it done this afternoon. I had it purple before, but it faded to ginger. Whenever I dye my hair it fades to a browny-ginger, which is not my natural colour at all (mousy brown is). So I decided to let my hair be RED. It wants it, I look cool, everyone’s a winner. I’m happier about it than I look in the photo.


#Finding cute random things to take pictures of; Finding cute random things in general; Having my DSLR back in working order; Thom’s new tattoo (a firebreather and a phoenix!); costume party tonight; being back in Canterbury with my favouritest people; my ludicrous job; today’s sun after yesterday’s rain; buying the most eclectic selection of trashy dvds yesterday – Hackers, Holiday in the Sun, Pathfinder; knowing that even though I feel like I can’t achieve anything right now, I will feel differently in a couple of days; &

#Chocolate. This film is amazing. I love Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, Nameless, Kill Bill…yeah, for all my talks of respect and tolerance, I can’t get enough of films with people beating the shit out of each other. But it’s so beautiful! The choreography, the sheer bendiness of the fighters, the ludicrous plotlines…
Chocolate is the story of Zin and her daughter Zen, the product of Zin’s love affair with (from what I could gather) a rival mafia boss. Zen spends the film beating the crap out of various goons whose bosses owe Zin money – money they need for her lukemia treatment. So far, so noble. At one point, a bunch of transvestites try to beat up an autistic kid. And that’s all you need to know about that! Really though, I got it for £3 in Fopp and it would have been worth so much more (considering I paid full price for Push…). The real question it leaves you with is: Where is the goon factory? There must be a place somewhere that just churns out semi-talented fighter goons, ready to give up their LIFE for their paycheck. The final fight last about twenty minutes as goon after goon swarms towards Zen…and proceeds to dance around menacingly while their comrades get smacked down. It’s awesome.

Find it. Watch it. That’s all I ask.



2 responses to “All Unicorn Vomit, All the Time

  1. Your hair colour is adorable! Cutest pic!


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