Extra Procrastination Homework

Marnie Weber,Dazed DigitalMarnie Weber

I’m leaving to go for a family holiday tomorrow (well, in four and a half hours to be exact) so I won’t be around to aid you in procrastination. Meanwhile, here’s my favourite art, blog posts and articles from the internet for the past couple of weeks. I should be back by the time you’re done.

# Live life slow from Zen Habits.

# Tim Burton’s Hallowe’en fashion for Harper’s Bazaar.

# Verse 72 of the Tao Te Ching from The Rambling Taoist. (I was trying to explain almost exactly this to Thom the other day. Synchronicity…)

# How to Help from no Impact Man

# 1,000 miniature ice people. ‘I’m meeelting!’

# Ways to become a Rebel Girl

graffiti,parisParis, Graffiti truck capital

# Plundering the Amazon from Saving Iceland. (I posted this before, but it’s definitely a worthwhile read.)

art,who killed bambi

Love is in the Air by Carlos Aires (via Who Killed Bambi)

# Typewriter Blues

# Who You Calling Vegangelical? from The Huffington Post.

# A Victim Treats his Mugger Right from NPR

# The Photographic Dictionary featuring words such as: prone.

# The Girl Effect

When I get back expect photos from Corsica, my monthly ‘books-what-i-have-read’ round-up, more introspection and exploration…and a whole new blog of wonder.



2 responses to “Extra Procrastination Homework

  1. Awesome roundup. I bookmarked quite a few things. Thanks a lot.

  2. Amazing graffitti art!

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