Rage Against the Sublime

Music on my Mind this week:

I got Lupen Crook’s album Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping in the post the other day, and I’ve been listening to it over and over. My favourite songs are Shark Fight -“You were the soul of this party/ the fight and fuck machine/ the only girl that kept me on the edge of my seat” and Dead Relative – “I got my dead relatives on my fingers/ I can’t afford my friends/ I think about you maybe once or twice/ but generally I’ve gotta leave those bones behind.”

You can get a free download of the Great Fears and Curious Predictions EP over here. Free + awesome = super? Yes. (Neither of my favourite tracks are on that EP mind, and youtube has let me down as well. Shame.)

My 2gigs worth of the Grateful Dead finished downloading the other day as well, so I’ve been listening to Box of Rain pretty constantly. Scarlet Begonias is also awesome, and look youtube provides!

Sublime do a wikkid cover of this as well…

As I was walking down Rubadud Square/ Not a chill to the wind, but a nip to the air/ from another direction she was caught in my eye / it could be an illusion, but I might as well try.

Happy listenin’,


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