The Ladder

Going up?

The other night my friend Jamie guided me through some visualisation techniques, designed to help me see into my inner psyche. Or, something like that. He was working from a book called ‘The Cube’ , which guides you through visualising a room with various items within it. The first is the cube, other items are a ladder, a horse, flowers and a storm.

The interpretations for each were interesting, and I haven’t heard back on the analysis of me having two cubes, but the part I found most intriguing was the ladder. (If you want to do the visualisation thing yourself, I’d do it before you read on. Spoilers ahead!)

When I was told to visualise a ladder, I made mine more like steps. I made it very sturdy, with rungs that were horizontal rather than vertical, and it reached the ceiling of the room. There was also a trapdoor in the ceiling, beyond which was only darkness.

The ladder is representative of your goals and ambitions. Since mine was a sturdy, short ladder, the general interpretation is that my goals are not very lofty and I believe that I can achieve them.

I have no problem with the idea that I can achieve my goals, but the interpretation that they are not lofty goals? Pshaw. I want to rule the world.

Let’s just list my goals and ambitions in whatever order:

1) PhD
2) Volunteer in Peru
3) Earn money from the interweb.
4) Become a benevolent dictator in South America, eventually leading to my running of the world.
5) Helping to reduce the global impact of the Western society upon the Earth.

I think that’s all for now. I have various other goals like, learn Spanish this year, figure out Photoshop soon, read 100 books this year, learn Diablo, learn to juggle clubs, have 70 people a week average read my eZine, get paid for writing, finish my novel, get published on paper as well as on the internet, stay vegan…

But those five are the big five. The ones that will make a change to the world. Yeah, me getting paid from work I do on the internet will lead to a change in the world. I’m probably going to end up with quite a few blogs…I have plans…and the information contained in these blogs just might change the world a lil bit. After all, doesn’t everything change the world one way or another?

Back to the ladder! I think my goals are pretty lofty. However, the reason that my ladder isn’t lofty is because I don’t think that those goals are out of my reach. If I put my mind to it, I probably could become a South American dictator. I’ve got to stop using Hitler as an example, but that little art school drop-out jailbird went on to influence the history of the entire Western world, and a bit of the Eastern too. My belief is that anything is possible and one person can achieve anything they set their mind to. Therefore, my ladder is not going to be particularly lofty, as I see no goal as unachievable.

I have various plans as to how to achieve each of my goals and ambitions. I believe that I can complete every step (or should that be rung?) of my plans, thus ending with me being a Doctorate holding Dictator, who runs the world on tofu and sharing. (One day! One day!!)

(An alternate interpretation: I really, really don’t like ladders. They wobble and the rungs are slippy. Naturally, I’m going to envision a sturdy ladder that I don’t have to be on for too long.)

The whole process is quite fascinating though, and even if it’s not 100% accurate, it does provide some insight into the way the mind works. I recommend giving it a go, if only for fun.


ETA: The wiki link above mentions that the ladder represents the player’s friends. I have no idea how a ladder could represent my friends. In the version I played, the flowers were my friends, and a damn fine job they did of representing them too. There are clearly different versions of this game. If anyone can come up with an interpretation of my friendships from the way I described my ladder, do let me in on that. Cheers.


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