Rage Against the Sublime

Music that’s been on my mind this week:

Domino EffectMessiah J and the Expert
If I write a decent song, I won’t forget the keyword I scribbled on my forearm…

It’s a shame there’s no video of this since it’s a really inspiring song. It’s a reminder that everything starts out small, rivers start as raindrops and great art starts as paint blots. This kept me putting one word after the other while I was writing my dissertation.

This is them too, and it’s just rad. They are rad. Listen, love, support.

Today, Lupen Crook arrived in the post for me!

This is the VERY song and gig which made me adore them. I don’t know if I’m in this video, I think I was stood right at the back, but hey, I was there. I love Lupen Crook for singing about those things which don’t usually get sung about. At this festival I think I ran from Plan B to Lupen Crook, so that was interesting evening! Check him out if you’re not afraid of music which touches on touchy subjects.



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