All Unicorn Vomit, All The Time

This week has been somewhat nuts for doing things and being places and seeing people, because ba ba da dah! I handed my dissertation in on Tuesday!


13,500 words about Reginald and his Alice, entitled The Ghostly Bathtub, it’s a story of paranoia, deception and ever twisting perceptions of reality. I completely plan to keep going with it, and submit the first couple of chapters to publishing houses. Wish me luck!

As well as struggling to get this written (I rewrote the 12,000 words I had already written by hand over three days), last weekend was Thom’s birthday, so we went to see This is Spinal Tap. I meant to buy him the ticket as a pressie, but forgot my money (?!) so he ended up paying for me. Anyway, it was HI-larious. I knew it was supposed to be good, but I had no idea it was that funny. Did you know “you can’t dust for vomit.”?


Oh yeah, and did I mention we saw it at an open-air cinema in the ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey? OH YES. It rained after a while, but we had a giant umbrella and a sleeping bag to sit in.

Last night took a turn for the sad, as it was Lia and Stephen’s last night here in Canterbury. However!


We made her a cage. Mwahahaha. We had told her again and again that we didn’t want her to leave, but we weren’t sure she believed us. So we proved it to her. She wore it the whole time we were eating at Wagamama’s and on the way to the cinema.

& Wagamama’s food. Om nom nom! And they have a vegan list! Good on ’em. & Inglorious Basterds; oh, was it ever amazing. I think I have a new film to add to my favourites. The acting was spot-on, the plot was twisty and turn-y, exciting, gripping, thrilling, and I have never seen the word massacre quite so accurately defined. I rarely get gripped by films, but I was honestly sitting forward on the edge of my seat, my face contorting into shock, fear, hope, thrilled-ness…Wow. & Stephen left me Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs on vinyl to play with. Every cloud has a silver lining. Right?



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