Rage Against the Sublime

Music on my mind this week:

Belle and Sebastian – My Wandering Days are Over
The circus boy is feeling melancholy…

No youtube video for this one…shame. I was murmuring this one to myself while wandering around Brighton last week, and when I arrived at my friend’s house, his housemate was playing it. I always thought it was ‘my pill-popping days are over’ but the official website tells me it’s ‘bip-bopping’. Hmm.

Alessi’s Ark – The Horse

I was singing the first couple of lines so much in Amsterdam, that Stephen picked up on them and started singing them too. Apparently this song is something of a big thing, perhaps a single?, but I always wondered if she was saying ‘horse’ or ‘whores’. Maybe I should have checked the song names on the back of the album…

SublimeWhat I got

The above link goes to a different video than this, a better video, but one of which embedding has been disabled. Shame. Either way, I adore Sublime, and Stephen’s just started listening to them, and he was singing this around Amsterdam. One of the absolute best songs to listen to on a dreary day, or when things are gettin’ you down. It’s also awesome to sing out when you’re feeling on top of the world. It’s perfect, alright!



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