All Unicorn Vomit, All The Time

To save this website from falling into a series of bitter rants, I’m going to introduce the TiLt phenomenon here. Occasionally I’m happy! Who knew. So, this Thursday, I love…


Amsterdam! Go there, go there now. This was my fifth trip, so I was really happy just to ramble around, hang out in parks and such. We did make it to the Condomerie, Red Light District, Cannabis College, and Homegrown Fantasy…Culture…Art…? I had an absolutely wonderful time though, sitting on canal sides, waving at boats, standing on bridges at night, traipsing through the Jordaan area trying to find the Go Gallery in torrential rain…awesome. And all in a semi-haze of Nepalese hash.


These guys. My three bestest girlfriends. I don’t usually go in for the ‘You guyz!’ type appreciation but while we were in Amsterdam I was mostly all over my new crush and didn’t make the time/effort to chat with them enough. They were 100% totally cool with this though. Even though I’m sure they were taking the piss out of me, they don’t judge. Necessarily. Okay, so we have a very judgemental friendship, but we all love each other loads. That’s something I have trouble remembering in our group, particularly when I’m feeling gripey.


graffiti! There is so much of this around Amsterdam, some of it quite small and hidden – like the wooden cut-outs of guys sat on clouds – and some huge, colourful throw-ups. We spotted a couple of guys at work under the Amsterdamse Brug, near the Flevopark stop, and they seemed cool with us taking pictures. Will add in the link to my flickr once the set is up.


FOOD. I love food. I really, really love food. Did you know, in Holland, they have wholemeal tigerbread?! For the past three days I’ve been eating hummus and crisp sandwiches, apples, dark chocolate and popcorn, and loving it. I am now adept at one handedly smearing hummus on wholemeal tigerbread in a range of situations from windy canal-side, to windy camping site. (It was quite windy.) Usually I get really hungry when I travel, because I don’t know where my next meal is coming from and I’m so darned inconvenient to feed anyway, but there was an Albert Hein on almost every corner so we were well catered for. Num num num.

This week, I am mostly loving, Amsterdam. How ’bout you?



2 responses to “All Unicorn Vomit, All The Time

  1. OoOOo I want to tavel! Amsterdam would be the most fun 😀


    • thecasualartofprocrastination

      Amsterdam is one of the more fun cities of the world, I think! I’m going to be posting more about specifics next week, like the Condomerie and the Red Light District…hehehe.

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